It can be difficult deciding what size to purchase when shopping online. As all of our Signature Collection garments are made to order directly with our manufacturer in Milan, Italy, sizing is consistent across our range of garments unless otherwise specified in the description of the item. 

For our Signature Collection, we offer a size range from size 6AU/38IT to a size 16AU/48IT. Our sizes run slightly larger to standard Australian and Italian sizes so we do recommend that you measure yourself rather than relying on traditional sizing for a perfect fit. 

If you are deciding between sizes or have questions our client service team would be delighted to assist you. You can contact us via the contact page or directly via email at

Here are some handy hints when you are measuring and selecting a size: 

  • Before you get started, make sure you have a soft tape measure and a pen and paper to record your measurements.
  • When measuring yourself to determine your size, if possible, ensure you are wearing minimal clothing to get an accurate measurement (undergarments only are recommended).
  • Each of our products has a customised size chart with garment measurements and detailed instructions on how to measure yourself for each garment, together with a conversion chart. Please follow the measurement instructions in each of the product size charts carefully. 
  • When measuring, ensure you measure your circumference (i.e. around your body) not side to side as you would with clothing laying flat on a surface.
  • When measuring for dress length, we recommend taking the measurement at your back from the top of your shoulder, down your back (including your buttocks) and to the back of your knee.
  • If you feel comfortable, it can be helpful to have a friend or partner assist in taking your measurements.
  • When in doubt, please reach out! We would be happy to help you select the appropriate size if you need assistance.