Complimentary Shipping Worldwide

Early on we decided to produce garments only on a "made to order" basis.

Whilst this approach has some limitations (such as not being able to provide a wide variety of style, colour and fabric choices), it also has significant environmental and sustainability benefits and allows us to ensure the high quality and exclusivity of the brand is maintained. It reduces over-consumption and over-supply and ensures that each garment that is produced goes to someone's curated wardrobe instead of to going to landfill.

The process takes approximately 10-12 weeks from when you place your order to recieving your garments. 


1. Order Received

Once your order is placed on our website, it is processed by Sophia Andrea Head Office and is recieved by our manufacturer in Milan, Italy.

2. Manufacturing

The manufacturing process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. This includes ensuring we have the appropriate specifications and fabrics available to fulfil the order.

3. Shipping to Sophia Andrea Head Office

When your garment is ready, it is shipped from our manufacturers in Milan, Italy to our head office in Melbourne, Australia.

4. Quality Assurance

When recieved, your garments undergo a rigorous quality control and assessment process. 

5. Post to Client

Once your garments have passed our quality assessment, they are carefully wrapped and packaged and sent to our clients. 

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