Our founder, Sophie had a problem. She had spent much of her professional career darting around airports all over Australia and living out of a suitcase for up to 5 days a week. She regularly found herself packing strange outfit combinations that more often than not resulted in last minute shopping expeditions to find an instant "fast fashion fix" for a particular event or outing. 

No matter how far she travelled or how broad her google keyword searches, finding the perfect wardrobe staples for her busy lifestyle proved impossible. 

Sophie set about asking her friends and network what they wanted out of their wardrobe. What motivated them to purchase clothing and why?

Frequent feedback included:

• Nothing suits me

• I often buy things I think I like “in the moment” because it is easier than having to think about what I actually need

• Everything is made for a younger demographic

• It is all just fast fashion that doesn't last after a few washes

• I've given up on finding anything remotely flattering

• There is no choice in between the cheap high fashion high street labels and established luxury fashion houses

• Womenswear is so predictable – there is a “same-ness” about classic dressing that does not inspire me



Sophie's vision is to encourage women to invest in key wardrobe staples to build and shape their image for maximum impact. Clothes that will transcend trends and become generational favourites. Garments that flatter, made only from the highest quality, hand-selected textiles, all made to order, in Italy by skilled artisans.

Ditching "fast fashion" and embracing a new fashion revolution that reduces impact on the environment and encourages thoughtful wardrobe curation instead of instant gratification.

Women should be able to harness and embrace the choices they have to build an image they are proud of and makes them feel confident and powerful.



The strong and distinctive Sophia Andrea brand mark typifies this strength, confidence and femininity. It reflects the ancient Roman myth of La Lupa (the she-wolf), symbolising a woman’s fortitude, power and courage.

You can read more about the ancient Roman myth of La Lupa in our stories. 



Sophia Andrea’s values are expressed in everything we do, from our day-to-day business operations to our interactions with our clients, partners and throughout our supply chain:

We are BOLD. We challenge the status the quo and stand up for what we believe in. 

We are RADICAL. We fundamentally believe in the power of fashion to elevate women in society.

We are RESILIENT. If at first we do not succeed, we try again. We are not afraid of failure. We do not give up. 

We are COLLABORATIVE. We stand for the success of all women globally. We and frequently collaborate with other values-driven female owned brands to help further the cause of female empowerment and gender equality.

We always act with INTEGRITY. We value honesty and respect in all our interactions and transactions. We do what we say we will do.



Like many women with a love for beautiful clothing and an eye for style, Sophie's indoctrination into the world of fashion began at a young age. Initially pursuing a less glamorous multi-disciplinary professional career that spanned law, policy and consulting, after some genuine reflection and life changing experiences, Sophie made the decision to start her own business. 

It was her love of all things Italy and appreciation of beautiful, quality garments that led to Sophia Andrea becoming a reality.

Sophia Andrea also provides a platform for Sophie to advocate for social change. Sophie is deeply passionate about making the world a better place for women.