Wonderful Wool - Getting the fundamentals of fashion right

You might be wondering why we chose double wool crepe as the textile of choice for our debut Signature Collection garments.

When we first sat down to design our debut collection, after the initial designs were complete we turned or minds to the look and feel of the garments. Elements that we considered included: 

  • Versatility and care; 
  • Luxurious look and feel; and
  • Longevity.

As a long time lover of high end designer vintage and European fashion, our founder Sophie knew the qualities of wool crepe would be hard to compete with for the signature collection. 

The rich texture of double wool crepe gives an appearance and feel of luxury that is difficult to surpass. This is because wool crepe is twisted before weaving, leading to a gloriously bubbly texture that is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. As it made from a natural fibre, it is breathable and can be worn in either warm or cool weather. 

Another significant benefit of double wool crepe is the "wearability" of it. It is durable and does not crease easily, and is very easy to care for. In most cases, a garment steamer will refresh double wool crepe without the need for frequent dry cleaning or pressing. 

For our signature collection dress, jacket and palazzo pants we selected double wool crepe in elegant black for the intitial release. Double wool crepe is made from two layers of fabric, that are woven with thread to join them together. We chose this fabric to showcase the elegant, classic cuts of the designs. 

All of our textiles are 100% Made in Italy and sourced from accredited suppliers in Italy. 

Sophia Andrea